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Shogi program written in Rust
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Shogi AI written in Rust



  1. Install Rust

  2. Clone

    $ git clone

How to play

  1. Build

    $ cargo build --release
  2. Install 将棋所(Shogidokoro)

  3. Open Shogidokoro.exe and set girigiri/target/release/usi as engine

  • In Linux or Mac you need to use Mono
mono /usr/local/bin/Shogidokoro/Shogidokoro.exe


  • Run self match locally

    $ cargo run --bin auto --release
  • Battle in floodgate

    $ cargo run --bin floodgate --release
  • For CSA battle

    $ cargo run --bin main --release
  • Learn evaluation function

    $ cargo run --bin learn --release
  • Debug

    $ cargo run --bin debug --release


Rustで将棋AI入門 1-動かしてみる

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