Type Hints friendly WSGI Framework for Python3.6+
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Type Hints friendly WSGI Framework for Python3. This library is a pre-release. Expect missing docs and breaking API changes.

minimal example is below.

from kobin import Kobin, Response, JSONResponse
app = Kobin()

def index() -> Response:
    return Response("Hello World!")

def say_hello(user_id: int) -> JSONResponse:
    return JSONResponse({
        "message": f"Hello user{user_id}!"

Kobin has following features.

  • Decorator based Routing System exploited Type Hints.
  • WSGI request and response Wrapper.
  • Provide type annotations from stub files.
  • and other convenient utilities...

And Kobin has NO following features:

  • WSGI Server Adapters: Please use WSGICLI or Gunicorn CLI.
  • Serving static contents: Please use wsgi-static-middleware or Nginx.
  • Template Engine: But Kobin provides template adapter for Jinja2.


Supported python versions are python 3.6 or later. And Kobin has no required dependencies other than the Python Standard Libraries.

The following packages are optional:

  • wsgicli - Command Line Interface for developing WSGI application.
  • jinja2 - Jinja2 is a full featured template engine for Python.


Kobin's documentation is not yet complete very much. If you want to know the best practices in Kobin, Please check Kobin Todo .

Kobin Todo Demo Animation


This software is licensed under the MIT License (See LICENSE ).