EoP (Win7) & BSoD (Win10) PoC for CVE-2016-0051 (MS-016)
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Proof-of-concept BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) and Elevation of Privilege (to SYSTEM) code for my CVE-2016-0051 (MS-016).

EoP to SYSTEM on Windows 7 SP1 x86

Elevation of Privilege on Windows 7 x86 before the patch

BSoD on a Windows 10 x64

Crash on a Windows 10 x64 before the patch



  • 2015.09.18. Vulnerability found
  • 2015.09.24. Reported to MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) with this proof-of-concept code
  • 2015.09.25. MSRC filed the report, provided point of contact information and sent the info to their analysts
  • 2015.09.30. MSRC reproduced the issue, started to investigate whether they will fix it or not
  • 2015.10.16. MSRC confirmed that it is exploitable and that they will fix in an upcoming patch release, asked for acknowledgement information
  • 2016.02.09. Vulnerability fixed in the 2016 February Patch Tuesday update
  • 2016.02.09. BSoD PoC published here
  • 2016.02.11. MSRC confirmed to me that they fixed the vulnerability
  • 2016.02.15. EoP published here