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Super simple peer-to-peer blogging site based on Beaker.


I wanted to build a peer-to-peer only blog; kind of like the p2p child of Svbtle and Fell in love with the idea of a site, which feels the same for the writer and the reader. The only difference is that the writer can change things and the reader can't. Thanks to Dat, we can easily decide if a computer is the owner or not of a site.

orkl is also 100% dynamic, so it's basically just a bunch of txt files (using smarkt) = no site generation or building.


The magic of Beaker Browser is the possibility to fork a site. To get started you can fork any orkl site, but for the sake of simplicity we will use an empty site I've made.

  • Download Beaker Browser
  • Navigate to dat://
  • Find the "Fork this site" button, click it and fill out with your information
  • Navigate to your site
  • Edit the site's dat.json, adding "fallback_page": "index.html" (from Beaker 0.8 prerelease.1 this is not needed)
  • Read the "How to use orkl?" entry
  "directory": <directory of the content - required>,
  "title": <site title (overrides title in dat.json>,
  "style": <style object, set automatically>,
  "nohttp": <if true, no content is rendered if accessed through http>


Make a new site in Beaker then put the source code into it's directory. Run:

npm install
npm start

to start the bundler.

Thanks to choo, Jon Kyle (for Enoki and Dropout), Rasmus (for Inter UI) and the guys at Beaker.