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UI Framework for web applications.
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a collection of ui widgets and other nice things.

npm i kd.js


var main = new kd.View;

var input = new kd.InputView;
var form = new kd.View;

form.addSubView(new kd.ButtonView({
  title: 'i\'m a button. type in your name and click on me',
  callback: function () {
    alert('sup ' + input.getValue())

var tabs = new kd.TabView({
  hideHandleCloseIcons: true,
  paneData: [
      title: 'tab1',
      partial: 'that\'s me, tab1'
      title: 'form',
      view: form



Type make example and go to http://localhost:3000/example. This also starts a watchify process, so any changes you make in example/index.js will be recompiled on the spot.


To watch lib and build standalone umd package into dist folder upon changes, type: make development-dist

If you want to recompile each coffee individually into build folder, type: make development

Since package.json exposes only build folder; if you are bundling kd.js with browserify, second method (along with a npm link) might be a better option.



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