Much like the caterpillar, your image will undergo a clear transformation with Cocoen. Making comparison really easy, it’s as straightforward way of seeing your images in a new light.
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Travis-CI David npm

Touch-enabled before/after slider. Inspired by before-after.js.

Quick start



Install with NPM

npm install cocoen --save

Install with Bower

bower install cocoen --save

Or download the latest release.


Only the class cocoen is mandatory to apply proper default styles:

<div class="cocoen">
  <img src="img/before.jpg" alt="">
  <img src="img/after.jpg" alt="">

Include the Cocoen stylesheet in your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/cocoen.min.css" />

Pure Javascript

Include the cocoen.min.js script in your page, and then:

new Cocoen(document.querySelector('.cocoen'));

Multiple Cocoens in one page:

  new Cocoen(element);


Include the cocoen.min.js and cocoen-jquery.min.js scripts in your page, and then:



The code and the documentation are released under the MIT License.