1.4.2 Bower Publishing

@koenpunt koenpunt released this Oct 8, 2015 · 23 commits to option_adding since this release

Not really Bower Publishing, but that was the name of the original release


New `chosen:close` and `chosen:no_results` events... plus bug fixes!

@koenpunt koenpunt released this Mar 6, 2014 · 163 commits to option_adding since this release

New events

  • #1663 Add chosen:close triggerable event to go with chosen:open
  • #1712 Empty search triggers chosen:no_results event

Loads of bug fixes and small improvements

  • #1430 Use document.createElement instead of html string
  • #1461 Single select results in sync
  • #1478 Trigger/Fire Results Showing Event After Winnow
  • #1603 Add support for paste events
  • #1702 Remove use of $.fn.is() in favor of more widely supported methods.
  • #1736 Set sprite source URLs to default, allowing them to be overridden from outside Chosen.
  • #1744 Remove linear-gradient from single select input background
  • #1745 Fix closing selects in pop out windows

Sweet, sweet documentation updates


Officially Going to 1.0

@koenpunt koenpunt released this Aug 25, 2013 · 206 commits to option_adding since this release

Just over 2 years after Harvest announced Chosen, we decided to pull the trigger on a 1.0 release. This is long overdue as Chosen has been used in production sites for all of the two years it's existed, but ... here we are.

Notable Changes for 1.0

  • All CSS class names have been renamed from a chzn- root to a chosen- root.
  • All custom Chosen events starting with liszt are now prefaced with a chosen:

See #1412 for more details.


Removing Generated Files From Repository

@koenpunt koenpunt released this Jul 3, 2013 · 447 commits to option_adding since this release

This release removes all generated JS and CSS from Chosen's git repository. A bundled zip file will now be made available using Grunt.

This change will help reenforce Chosen's code conventions for a PR:

  1. Make all changes in CoffeeScript files, not JavaScript files.
  2. Use Grunt to build the JavaScript files.