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A kohesive set of Kotlin libraries

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  1. injekt Public archive

    Dependency Injection for Kotlin

    Kotlin 230 17

  2. kovert Public

    The invisible REST and web framework

    Kotlin 148 12

  3. klutter Public

    A mix of random small libraries for Kotlin, the smallest reside here until big enough for their own repository.

    Kotlin 132 9

  4. Solr / SolrCloud running in high performance server - tiny, fast startup, simple to configure, easy deployment without an application server.

    Kotlin 96 14

  5. A multi-source-wrangling-incremental-and-full-loading Data Importer for ElasticSearch/Algolia

    Kotlin 30 1

  6. keplin Public

    Secure Kotlin scripting and binary lambda-scripts

    Kotlin 23 5



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