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#Blueprint theme for Koken

Blueprint is a bare-bones theme that's all markup, no fluff. It's built for web designers and developers who'd rather look at code to understand the basics of Koken theme creation.


Download and unpack the zip, then add the “blueprint” folder to Koken's koken/storage/themes directory. You may then select the theme in Site > Themes.


Blueprint contains the full range of templates supported by Koken. Some themes won't need all of them, which is perfectly fine. We recommend incorporating at least the templates listed in our introduction to theme design article as a baseline.

###Lens tags and variables

Koken has its own set of unique tags and variables that may be mixed-in with HTML and Javascript as part of its theme framework. We've purposely gone a bit overboard with tag and variable markup in each of Blueprint's templates so you can see a working example of all the major outputs the Lens framework supports.

Reference links:

Lens tags Lens variables


Blueprint is continuously updated with new and revised Lens tags and variables so you'll always have a reference anytime something new in our Lens framework is publicly released. Refer to our What's new article for more info.


A basic, no-frills theme for Koken. Helpful for learning the basics.



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