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KOMMA — RDF Mapper and Editing Framework for Java


  • Object-Triple-Mapping: Mapping of Java interfaces to RDF types — based on RDF4J

  • Support for multiple inheritance

  • Caching of beans and properties

  • Implementation of logic using behaviours and aspect-oriented programming

  • Model API for working with named graphs

  • Dependency injection via Google Guice

  • Editing framework for CRUD applications

  • Eclipse RCP and RAP integration

Build KOMMA with Maven

KOMMA is a plain Maven project. You can simply use mvn package to compile and package all modules or mvn install to install them within your local Maven repository.

If you like to build an Eclipse update site (or rather a P2 repository) for KOMMA then use

mvn package -Pupdatesite

to create it. Afterwards a P2 repository can be found at features/net.enilink.komma.updatesite/target/repository.

Develop KOMMA with an IDE

  • Eclipse: You can import the KOMMA projects into your workspace by executing File > Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects.

  • IntelliJ IDEA: You can import the KOMMA projects by executing File > New > Project from Existing Sources…​.