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A coin splitter for PoS assetchains.
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A coin splitter for PoS assetchains.

PoS or PoW/PoS assetchains require coins to be staked across 64 segids.

If there is not at least 1 UTXO in each segid, the chain is more viable to a 51% attack.

Simply run ./split, choose your balance, and this will split your coins for you!

Warning: The ./split script automatically generates a file that contains the 64 addresses private keys. Keep that safe after using.


python3 and requests installed

sudo apt-get install python3
sudo apt-get install python3-pip
pip3 install requests

komodod installed with your assetchain running.

Coins imported into your wallet.

How to Use

Clone the repo:

git clone

Enter the repo:

cd pos64splitter

Modify the file to match the RPC settings in your assetchain .conf file.


Conf files are located at: $home/user/.komodo/ASSETCHAIN.

Run the ./split command.

That will generate 64 addresses, and then ask how many coins you'd like to split.

Enter your balance or # you want split. And then your coins will be sent proportionately to each address.

This tool uses work from alrighttt/dockersegid and we thank Alright very much.

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