The Siri wave replicated in a JS library.
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Have you ever thought on how to get the Siri wave effect on your website or mobile app?

SiriWaveJS is a library that easily allows you to get this effect.

Embed the script... and Surf!



<div id="siri-container"></div>
<script src="/path/to/your/siriwave.js"></script>
var siriWave = new SiriWave({
	container: document.getElementById('siri-container'),
	width: 640,
	height: 200,
	speed: 0.2,
	color: '#000',
	frequency: 2

Constructor options

style (String, default: 'none')

  • default - Default iOS9- style
  • ios9 - Style of for iOS9+

container (DOM Object)

The DOM container where the canvas to draw the wave is added.

[speed] (Number, from 0 to 1, default: 0.1)

The speed of the wave.

[amplitude] (Number, from 0 to 1, default: 1)

The noise (amplitude) of the wave.

[frequency] (Number, from 0 to N, default: 1)

The frequency of the wave.

Not available in iOS9 Style

[color] (String, Color, default: #fff)

The color of the wave, in hexadecimal form (#336699, #FF0)

Not available in iOS9 Style

[cover] (Boolean, default: false)

The canvas covers the entire width or height of the container.

[speedInterpolationSpeed] (Number)

The speed to interpolate the speed property.

[amplitudeInterpolationSpeed] (Number)

The speed to interpolate the amplitude property.



Start the animation


Stop the animation.


Set the new value of speed (animated)


Set the new value of amplitude (animated)

Projects/examples that uses this script

Some math