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Gradle plugin for CI Android projects on Jenkins
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Gradle plugin for CI Android projects

Current version

See Gradle plugin portal


  • -Xlint option added to javac parameters, which causes all javac warnings to be included in output.
  • jenkinsRelease signing config added (using default debug keystore), obfuscated and optimized application can be installed and tested.
  • ADB connection timeout increased to 30s
  • Ability to disable pre dexing (if appropriate property is set), useful on CI servers. More info.
  • Gradle task connectedMonkeyJenkinsTest which performs installation and monkeying of all monkey testable variants of all applications on all compatible connected devices
  • Preparation of connected device/AVD to instrumented (eg. using espresso) tests - unlocking screen, disabling animations, adding sample media files to multimedia provider

##Usage ###Sample overview

plugins {
  id 'pl.droidsonroids.jenkins' version '1.0.43'

apply plugin: ''
//or apply plugin: ''
//or apply plugin: ''

android {
	buildTypes {
		release {
			signingConfig signingConfigs.jenkinsRelease //or another config

monkeyTest {
	buildTypes 'release'
	//and/or productFlavors ...
	//and/or applicationVariants ...

###P roject types support This plugin supports both application, library and test projects. Signing config and monkey task are applicable only for application projects.


-Xlint javac option

If project uses javac compiler (contains Java source code and jack is not enabled) then -Xlint option is added. As a result all warnings are printed to console and can be visualised eg. using Jenkins plugins like Warnings.

Signing config

jenkinsRelease signing config is available for use. It assumes that default debug keystore ($HOME/.android/debug.keystore) is usable and has unchanged default credentials.

ADB connection timeout

Timeout is increased from default 5 s to 30 s.

connectedMonkeyJenkinsTest task

Task is added to application projects. All build variants evaluated from monkeyTest extension are monkeyed. Task will fail if there is no monkeyable variants or at least one of them is not installable (eg. does not have signing config).

monkeyTest stanza

Monkeyable build types and/or product flavors (both of them by name eg. debug or reference android.buildTypes.debug) and/or application variants (by name) can be specified here.

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