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Multimodule including all the libraries that are part of the korlibs.

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This repository is for core-devs only. If you want to contribute to any lib, please download the korge-next repository and make a PR there. We will manually merge your changes to each repo on the next release.

Remember to download the modules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Korlibs without dependencies (First Layer)

  • klock - Date and Time Library
  • kds - Data Structures Library
  • kmem - Fast Memory and bit utilities
  • korinject - Asynchronous dependency injector
  • krypto - Cryptographic library
  • klogger - Logger library
  • kbignum - BigInteger and BigDecimal library for common

Depending on kds and klock (Second layer)

  • korio - I/O Libraries
  • korma - Mathematics library mostly focused on 2d and 3d geometry and algebra

Depending on korio and korma (Third layer)

  • korim - Imaging and Vector Library
  • korau - Audio Library

Depending on korim (Fourth layer)

Depending on everything else (Fifth layer)

  • korge - 2D and 3D Game Engine


  • kbox2d - Box2D port of JBox2D/Box2D physics engine
  • kortemplate - Gradle Template used for all these projects (buildSrc/build.gradle and settings.gradle)


Multiplatform VideoGame engine and cohesive libraries for Kotlin JS + JVM + Native


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