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Kharagpur Open Source Society

Kharagpur Open Source Society

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Who are we?

  • We are a bunch of Open Source enthusiasts, who love to share the culture of programming and OSS. Through events and workshops, we try to share the different aspects of Software Engineering.

  • While we don't work on project ideas as a group, you can find KOSS members involved in MetaKGP, developing a project helpful to the KGP Community. You can also find members who are motivated to work on funky ideas and projects, which might range from solving a real-world issue, to creating a project for banter or helping out folks learn a new language or framework.

  • We nurture an environment where each of us can work on anything that we might want to learn, and in turn, become a fantastic mentor on the subject. Each one of us has carved their own specialization and has had their fair share of experience to guide you, so KOSS members are the goto folks.

What do we do?

  • We conduct workshops and events to share the culture of OSS with the KGP folks.

  • We conduct KWoC(Kharagpur Winter of Code) which is a winter long contribution program for new contributors.

  • We conduct Open Source Summmit, where we invite people from all around India about their experiences with Open Source Software.

What do we NOT do?

  • We don't train people to crack any coding competitions or hackathons.

  • We are not a research based society. We work on Software Development problems and we use code to ease our approach to achieve our goals. We work on developing projects, which might be helpful for achieving our goals, but all in all, we dont develop projects for the sake of it. We use custom written projects to achieve our goals.

We are also at


  1. Material for Python Classes organized by KOSS

    Jupyter Notebook 35 46

  2. Resources for the GoLang workshop to be organized during the Kharagpur Open Source Summit

    Go 26 6

  3. docs Public

    KOSS Documentation | A handbook of guidelines, principles and archives

    18 7

  4. design Public

    Posters, Icons and graphics used by KOSS

    16 7

  5. kwoc-2017 Public archive

    [Archived] Website for Kharagpur Winter of Code 2017

    CSS 14 18

  6. A hack to read emails on a slack channel while staying in free plan

    Python 34 25


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