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QSS (Quantitative Social Science) Build Status

Supplementary Materials for the book, Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction, published by Princeton University Press in 2017. See the book website. It is also available for purchase at vendors like Amazon. Also included are materials for Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction in tidyverse, published by Princeton University Press in 2022. All tidyverse versions contain "-tidy" in their file names.

The book is based on the teaching philosophy summarized in the talk I gave at the Nuffield Foundation's Q-Step Programme in 2015: slides

This repository contains the data sets and R scripts (available in .R, .Rmd, and .pdf formats) for all of the chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Causality
  3. Measurement
  4. Prediction
  5. Discovery
  6. Probability
  7. Uncertainty

In addition, the repository contains:

  1. Errata
  2. Sample course syllabi

R package qss

The data and code in this repository are also available as an R package qss (see the package website). The code is in the form of vignettes. To install this package, use the following command:

install.packages("devtools") # if you have not installed devtools package already
devtools::install_github("kosukeimai/qss-package", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Once the qss package is installed, you can use the data and vignette:

data(package = "qss") # list all data sets
data(elections) # load the elections data
vignette(package = "qss") # list all vignettes
browseVignette("qss") # list vignettes and R code
vignette("causality", package = "qss") # show the vignette for the Causality chapter

Related repositories

  1. swirl exercises qss-swirl
  2. Interactive Tutorials for QSS by Matt Blackwell
  3. R package qss (the package website)
  4. tidyverse code qss-tidy by Jeff Arnold (the starting point for the QSS: tidyverse version of the book)
  5. R package qss.student for students by Will Lowe
  6. instructors' materials qss-inst
  7. Lecture slides for QSS

The last two repositories are private. Instructors who wish access to these materials should either request access at the book website or email me.


Supplementary Materials for ``Quantitative Social Science: An Introduction''







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