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Change the owner, group and mode of some files with a single command


chogm [OPTIONS] files_spec directories_spec file [file file ...]  
   -R, --recursive      recurse through the directory tree of each file  
   -v, --verbose        show progress  
   -h, --help           display this usage message  
   file_spec           owner:group:perms to set on files  
   directory_spec     owner:group:perms to set on directories  
   file                 one or more files to operate on.  Use '-' to  
                        process stdin as a list of files  

file_spec tells what owner, group, and permissions should be given to any
files. Each of the three elements are separated by a ':'. If a value is
not given for a particular element, that that element is not changed on
the encountered files.

directory_spec works just like files_spec, but it is applied to
directories. If any element of directory_spec is a comma, the value of that
element will be used from file_spec



chogm www-data:www-data:644 -:-:755 /pub/www/*

Change all files in /pub/www to have an owner and group of www-data, and permissions of -rw-r--r--. Also change all directories in /pub/www/ to have an owner and group of www-data, but permissions of -rwxr-xr-x. This is equivilent to the following shell commands:

$ chown www-data:www-group /pub/www/*
$ find /pub/www -maxdepth 1 -type f | xargs chmod 644
$ find /pub/www -maxdepth 1 -type d | tail -n +2 | xargs chmod 755 

More Complex

chogm -R :accounting:g+rw,o= :-:g=rwx,o= /mnt/acct

Change the group of all files in /mnt/acct to be accounting, and make sure people in that group can read, write, and create files anywhere in that directory tree. Also make sure that the hoi palloi can't peek at accounting's files. This is the same as doing:

$ chgrp -R accounting /mnt/acct
$ find /mnt/acct -type f -print | xargs chmod g+rw,o=
$ find /mnt/acct -type d -print | xargs chmod g=rwx,o= 

Using stdin

find ~/src -depth 2 -type d -print | grep -v '/.git$' | chogm -R :staff:660 :-:770 -

Assuming your ~/src directory contains a bunch of directories, each with their own git project, change all those files to have a group of staff and permissions of -rw-rw---- and all the directories to also have a group of staff but permissions of -rwxrwx---. While doing all of that, don't change the permissions of any of the files inside of .git directories.


This script uses the operating system commands xargs, chmod, chgrp, and chmod to do it's work. It also uses the python multiprocessing module from the standard library which was added in python 2.6, so it won't work with python versions earlier than that. It works in python 2.7 and 3+.

Exit Status

0 - everything OK
1 - some operations not successful (ie permission denied on a directory)
2 - incorrect usage


Check the LICENSE file. It's the MIT License, which means you can do whatever you want, as long as you keep the copyright notice.


Change the owner, group and mode of both files and directories with one command







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