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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 8, 2021. It is now read-only.


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Android-vcard is a Java library for manipulating vCard files. The source code was extracted from the Google Android 1.0 project.

No Maintenance Intended

Android-vcard is not maintained aymore!

This project is unmaintained. There is no user support either, sorry.

This is not an application for Android. This is a development library for PC.

This project was created out of desperation that there is no decent Java vCard library. All libraries which I have found had problems with various file or character encodings, vCard versions, etc. Therefore I hacked a vCard related code out of Google Android project and made it into a standalone library.

I made a few changes in the Google's code (notably a few improvements in "UTF-8" support and redirected error reporting to a standard Java Logging facility). But I don't plan on any further additions or bugfixes. It does not make much sense to do custom changes into this project when Google probably fixed all the bugs already in newer releases of the Android code base. However, I also lack the time and motivation to extract this library again from the latest Android source code (the current library code is taken from Android 1.0). If you have the motivation, please try it. If you contact me afterwards, I'll happily forward visitors to your project.

The project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Program links

Program files

ChangeLog       - Description of latest changes.
license.txt     - Library license.       - This file.
upstream.md5    - List of md5 hashes of upstream files for detecting changes.
examples/       - Usage examples.
lib/            - Program compilation and runtime libraries.
nbproject/      - Project files for the NetBeans IDE.
src/            - Program sources.
test/           - Program test sources.

Project root directory can be opened by NetBeans IDE as its project.

Compiling library

In sources root directory (where build.xml is located) run this command:

$ ant clean jar

All the sources should be compiled in the build/ directory. In the dist/ directory the resulting android-vcard.jar should be created, together with all needed libraries.

Packaging library

You can run command:

$ ant package

to obtain library in a form of a distribution package in the dist/ directory.

Example usage

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Good luck.