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Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue.
C Shell Makefile
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adm remove obsolete startup method; closes #100
ct update ct; test throughput in MB/s
doc add protocol chinese version
pkg add release instructions
.gitignore update ct; refine gitignore
LICENSE switch to MIT license
Makefile Makefile: resolved parallel install issue
README refactor
conn.c fix crash from Conn use after free and double-free
darwin.c correctly check for hangup during reserve
dat.h fix log compaction with a log over 2GB
file.c Typo
freebsd.c refactor
heap.c clean up copyright notices
job.c stricter format checking; fix format call errors
linux.c Only process succesfully epoll_events
main.c check return value
ms.c clean up copyright notices
net.c net.c:31:13: warning: Value stored to 'r' is never read
primes.c clean up copyright notices
prot.c set pending timeout to -1 once a job is reserved
sd-daemon.c Support systemd socket activation.
sd-daemon.h Support systemd socket activation.
serv.c adaptive epoll/kqueue timeout
testheap.c some basic benchmark tests
testjobs.c some basic benchmark tests
testserv.c update ct; test throughput in MB/s
testutil.c refactor
time.c clean up copyright notices
tube.c initialize allocations to 0; remove redundancy
util.c stricter format checking; fix format call errors refactor distribute directly from git archive
walg.c fix log compaction with a log over 2GB


This is beanstalkd, a fast, general-purpose work queue.
See for general info.


    $ make
    $ ./beanstalkd

also try,

    $ ./beanstalkd -h
    $ ./beanstalkd -VVV
    $ make CFLAGS=-O2
    $ make CC=clang
    $ make check
    $ make install
    $ make install PREFIX=/usr

Requires Linux (2.6.17 or later), Mac OS X, or FreeBSD.
See doc/protocol.txt for details of the network protocol.

Uses ronn to generate the manual.


adm	files useful for system administrators
ct	testing tool; see
doc	documentation
pkg	miscelaneous files for packagers


Unit tests are in test*.c. See for
information on how to write them.

Copyright © 2007-2013 the authors of beanstalkd.
Copyright in contributions to beanstalkd is retained
by the original copyright holder of each contribution.
See file LICENSE for terms of use.
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