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Docker build for SAP MaxDB

How to use?

  • Fetch MaxDB installer files (download via SAP SDN)
  • install MaxDB locally: ./SDBINST -global_prog /opt/maxdb/sdb/globalprograms -global_data /opt/maxdb/sdb/globaldata -o root -g root -i MaxDB -path /opt/maxdb/MaxDB -description "maxdb install" -network_port 7200
  • Clone this project (as root)
  • copy or move /opt/maxdb to project folder (keep full path hierarchy including opt/)
  • copy or move /etc/opt/sdb to project folder (also, keep full path hierarchy)
  • copy or move /var/lib/sdb to project folder
  • (optional) tweak db.ini and if you want to override default passwords or any of the configuration parameters used to create maxdb instance
  • in this folder, run docker build . -t local/maxdb
  • test run: docker run -it --rm -p 7200:7200 -p 7210:7210 local/maxdb:latest => this should print a load of output of MaxDB creating and starting an empty database instance (interactive run, quits and removes container with CTRL+C)
  • "productive" local run: docker run --name maxdb -d -p 7200:7200 -p 7210:7210 local/maxdb:latest => you can watch the startup using docker logs -f maxdb to see things work well.
  • connect using JDBC: jdbc:sapdb://localhost/TESTDB

Caveats and TODOs

  • Currently user and group are forced to be root inside the container to ease owner and permission mappings of system files a bit; MaxDB seems to be pretty strict here. This should be changed to sdb/sdba.
  • So far this is mostly useless as the database created this way is empty. We need to find a way to fill in meaningful test data.