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Tini Automated Builds

This is a repository of automated builds for Tini, a tiny but valid init for Docker containers.

In a nutshell, Tini:

  • Spawns your app just like Docker would, and makes itself transparent by forwarding any signals it receives to your app.
  • Reaps zombies that your app may generate.

Using this repository

If you are using an Ubuntu or CentOS image as your base, just update your Dockerfile to use the Tini images instead. Note that these images are created with Docker automated builds; there are no binary blobs shipping here!

If you aren't using one of those images, check the Tini repository for alternative install instructions.


# Change this:
FROM ubuntu:trusty

# To this:
FROM krallin/ubuntu-tini:trusty

Entrypoint Compatibility

The Tini images ship with an ENTRYPOINT that points to Tini. If you have your own ENTRYPOINT already, just prefix it with Tini:

# Change this:

# To this:
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/tini", "--", "/"]

If you're not using an ENTRYPOINT, you don't have to do anyting.


Visit the Docker hub for a list of tags that are available: