A demonstration repository using AngularJS, Bootstrap, Karma, and NPM to show off a few AngularJS features.
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Sample application from the Valley Forge Tech Meetup

Date - June 4, 2014

This code is a sample that was updated and enhanced to share with the Valley Forge Tech Meetup from an Angular Talk we did.

The app is a simple AngularJS application, written using the Angular Seed project (see https://github.com/angular/angular-seed. I modified it to use jshint and to serve some specfic tests in Karma.

Instructions to use

Download a zip of this repo and unpack it. Make sure you've installed NodeJS (at least version 0.10.20 or higher).

Once you've verified you can execute node and npm, cd to this directory and issue the following commands:

npm install -g karma-cli
npm install
bower install

Once you've done that, the npm command line can do a number of things:

  • npm start - starts up the project (and if you forgot to run npm or bower install, it'll do that for you.
  • npm test - run the Karma tests against your application. Our tests are located in test/spec. Testing watches the scripts continually, so if you leave it open and save files, it will re-run the tests. If you don't like that, edit karma.conf.js (or create another one) and turn off the singleRun and autoWatch settings.
  • npm run-script jshint - If you're mucking around and think you have a syntax error, run the jshint tool. Without a compiler you MUST use a linter in Javascript - JSHint is the best one in my opinion.

Enjoy, and don't forget to remember Chariot for your AngularJS, Spring, Maven, Scala and other training needs. We do both on-site and hosted training for small teams upward of 6 students.

Ken Rimple

Chariot Solutions