Tool suite for designing powerful generators and gems for Rails 3

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The Cream project has been built using an extensive framework of components I have created the later half of 2010 in order to facilitate the development and testing of Rails 3 gems and extensions with RSpec 2. These components include:

  • r3_plugin_toolbox – wrapper of Rails 3 plugin API to provide an even easier DSL for writing plugins and testing them
  • rails3_artifactor – for basic operations on specific types of rails 3 artifacts, including views, controllers etc
  • rails3_assist – for basic operations on rails 3 applications
  • migration_assist – assists in developing generators that operate on or generate migrations
  • sugar-high – utility library

RSpec 2 helpers

  • rails-app-spec – Powerful DSL to spec your Rails app for types of files present and their content
  • generator-spec – spec your generators outside of Rails with various options for easy debugging!
  • migration-spec – spec the code of a generated migration, often the result of a generator
  • code-spec – spec ruby code, typically the result of some file modification or the result of a generator
  • file-spec – spec files in various ways

As it became easier to create Generators, I decided it was time to develop a more high-level generator, a super generator.
This super generator, called cream:full_config controls the execution of the stand-alone, specialized generators that act to configure a Rails 3 project
for cream.

A long time goal is to build on this concept and make it much more powerful. Meet the please me project (also on my github).