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Git status implementation for defx.nvim.


Just append git to your columns when starting defx:

:Defx -columns=git:mark:filename:type



Which indicators (icons) to use for each status. These are the defaults:

call defx#custom#column('git', 'indicators', {
  \ 'Modified'  : '',
  \ 'Staged'    : '',
  \ 'Untracked' : '',
  \ 'Renamed'   : '',
  \ 'Unmerged'  : '',
  \ 'Ignored'   : '',
  \ 'Deleted'   : '',
  \ 'Unknown'   : '?'
  \ })

Column Length

How many space should git column take. Default is 1 (Defx adds a single space between columns):

call defx#custom#column('git', 'column_length', 1)

Missing characters to match this length are populated with spaces, which means becomes , etc.

Note: Make sure indicators are not longer than the column_length

Show ignored

This flag determines if ignored files should be marked with indicator. Default is false:

call defx#custom#column('git', 'show_ignored', 0)

Raw Mode

Show git status in raw mode (Same as first two chars of git status --porcelain command). Default is 0:

call defx#custom#column('git', 'raw_mode', 0)

Change git commit

Change the git commit the files are diffed against (SHA-1, branchname, etc.). Default is 'HEAD':

call defx#custom#column('git', 'git_commit', 'HEAD')

Max Indicator Width

The number of characters to pad the git column. If not specified, the default will be the width of the longest indicator character.

call defx#custom#column('git', 'max_indicator_width', 2)


Each indicator type can be overridden with the custom highlight. These are the defaults:

hi Defx_git_Untracked guibg=NONE guifg=NONE ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
hi Defx_git_Ignored guibg=NONE guifg=NONE ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
hi Defx_git_Unknown guibg=NONE guifg=NONE ctermbg=NONE ctermfg=NONE
hi Defx_git_Renamed ctermfg=214 guifg=#fabd2f
hi Defx_git_Modified ctermfg=214 guifg=#fabd2f
hi Defx_git_Unmerged ctermfg=167 guifg=#fb4934
hi Defx_git_Deleted ctermfg=167 guifg=#fb4934
hi Defx_git_Staged ctermfg=142 guifg=#b8bb26

To use for example red for untracked files, add this after your colorscheme setup:

colorscheme gruvbox
hi Defx_git_Untracked guifg=#FF0000


There are 5 mappings:

  • <Plug>(defx-git-next) - Goes to the next file that has a git status
  • <Plug>(defx-git-prev) - Goes to the previous file that has a git status
  • <Plug>(defx-git-stage) - Stages the file/directory under cursor
  • <Plug>(defx-git-reset) - Unstages the file/directory under cursor
  • <Plug>(defx-git-discard) - Discards all changes to file/directory under cursor

If these are not manually mapped by the user, defaults are:

nnoremap <buffer><silent> [c <Plug>(defx-git-prev)
nnoremap <buffer><silent> ]c <Plug>(defx-git-next)
nnoremap <buffer><silent> ]a <Plug>(defx-git-stage)
nnoremap <buffer><silent> ]r <Plug>(defx-git-reset)
nnoremap <buffer><silent> ]d <Plug>(defx-git-discard)