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System requirements:

  • OSX 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, or Windows 64-bit
  • Matlab R2013b or later (you can try your earlier version but functionality such as parallel processing may not work)

Quick start:

  1. Add FlyTracker to your Matlab path by navigating to its directory and typing:

    modpath; savepath;
  2. Collect all videos with identical filming- and experimental conditions into one folder.

  3. Track all videos contained in a folder using the tracker interface:


    Here you will calibrate your videos by pressing the [CALIBRATE] button.

  4. View tracking results and annotate videos using the visualizer:


For more detailed instructions, visit the website:

Join the google group and post any questions, concerns, or suggestions:


FlyTracker was originally developed by Eyrun Eyjolfsdottir in the lab of Pietro Perona. It has been modified by Kristin Branson and Adam L. Taylor, and incorporates contributions from Nico Spiller and Jan Simon. Please see the git log for details on modifications.