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Webcam Image Processing with CUDA using OpenCV
C++ C Cuda
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AmpFilters Qt5.3, CUDA 6.5RC, VS2013 is supported.
CudaFilters Qt5.3, CUDA 6.5RC, VS2013 is supported.
FilteringApp Support for VS2013 and CUDA 6.5 added.
doc Visio docs updated.
.gitignore CUDA 4.2 kullaniliyor.
Doxyfile CUDA cudaThreadExit called in main.cpp.
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Process webcam images on the GPU with OpenCV, CUDA and C++ AMP

  • CUDA 6.0 supported.
  • OpenCV 2.4 supported.
  • C++ AMP is supported, see end of the file FilteringApp.cpp for instructions.
  • Uses Qt5 library.
  • To use Qt5 UI, set FilteringApp project as startup project.

  • For examples and description, see code project article

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