A small collection of Java utility classes
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This project is a small collection of convenience and utility classes (mostly used by other FreeLibrary projects). It includes utilities related to I/O, ResourceBundles, String manipulation, XQuery, ClassLoaders, Maven builds, and Pairtree file systems.

To build it, you will need a modern JDK and at least Maven version 3.2.2. Once you have those installed, you can check the project out from GitHub and build it with the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/ksclarke/freelib-utils.git
cd freelib-utils
mvn install

If you want to use a pre-built version, please consult the project's home page to learn more.


GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3.0 (or any later version)


If you have questions about freelib-utils feel free to contact me: Kevin S. Clarke (ksclarke@ksclarke.io).

If you encounter a problem or have a feature to suggest, submit it to the issue queue.