The sad chat app meets React and Firebase in a happy reunion
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Shoot The Breeze

In this project we set out to build a chat-box style app in which users could shoot the breeze with each other from a sign-in with google accounts on Firebase. Within each users account, upon sign-in, they are able to save up to 100 messages and view a list of users that are present in the chat room. Users are also able to filter through messages by message content, username, and date/time. They can sort messages by new or old, and can also sort messages by clicking a user that is present on the user-list.

Main Goals

All components must be tested using Enzyme - You do not need to test authentication. App must be robustly tested using unit tests Application must use Firebase to store chats Webpack for build tools

General Features:

An input field for typing messages Input field has a character count Character count is displayed next to input field Submit and Clear buttons disabled appropriately Submit and Clear are disabled when there is no content in the message input Submit is disabled when the message is over 140 characters List of users contributing to chatroom (based on the current messages being displayed) User can filter by User by selecting user from list User can filter/search for messages User can sort in chronological or reverse chronological order By default, messages are stored in chronological order Chat messages display time stamp, user, and message

screen shot 2017-01-11 at 10 13 20 pm

If you're feeling chatty, maybe it's a good time to Shoot the Breeze.