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Kubeflow is an open, community driven project to make it easy to deploy and manage an ML stack on Kubernetes


  1. kubeflow kubeflow Public

    Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes

    TypeScript 13.8k 2.3k

  2. pipelines pipelines Public

    Machine Learning Pipelines for Kubeflow

    Python 3.5k 1.6k

  3. training-operator training-operator Public

    Distributed ML Training and Fine-Tuning on Kubernetes

    Go 1.5k 648

  4. examples examples Public

    A repository to host extended examples and tutorials

    Jsonnet 1.4k 746

  5. katib katib Public

    Automated Machine Learning on Kubernetes

    Go 1.4k 420

  6. community community Public

    Information about the Kubeflow community including proposals and governance information.

    Jsonnet 151 208


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