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Clarified links to good first issues in contrib guide. (#1411)

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@@ -92,10 +92,20 @@ should be fixed, you should own it. Here is how you get started.

### Starter issues

To find Kubeflow issues that make good entry points, look at the following tags:

* [`good first issue`](
* [`help wanted`](
To find Kubeflow issues that make good entry points:

* Start with issues labeled **good first issue**. For example, see the good
first issues in the [kubeflow/website
for doc updates, and in the [kubeflow/kubeflow
for updates to the core Kubeflow code.
* For issues that require deeper knowledge of one or more technical aspects,
look at issues labeled **help wanted**. For example, see these issues in the
* Examine the issues in any of the
[Kubeflow repositories](

## Owners files and PR workflow

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