The rkt implementation of a Kubernetes Container Runtime
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rktlet - The rkt implementation of a Kubernetes Container Runtime

The rktlet repository contains design and code related to letting the Kubelet run containers with the rkt container runtime.

The work in this repository is meant to eventually supplant the rkt package in the main Kubernetes repository.

Current Status

Currently the project is under design and development of the next iteration of integration between rkt and the Kubelet. However, the current functional integration of rkt into Kubernetes lives in the above kubelet package, not here.

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Kubernetes Incubator

This is a Kubernetes Incubator project. The project was established 2016-01-02. The incubator team for the project is:

  • Sponsor: Tim Hockin (@thockin)
  • Champion: Yu-Ju Hong (@yujuhong)
  • SIG: sig-rktnetes & sig-node

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