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Kubernetes Applications

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

The above description, from the Kubernetes homepage, is centered on containerized applications. Yet, the Kubernetes metadata, objects, and visualizations (e.g., within Dashboard) are focused on container infrastructure rather than the applications themselves.

The Application CRD (Custom Resource Definition) and Controller in this project aim to change that in a way that's interoperable between many supporting tools.

It provides:

  • The ability to describe an applications metadata (e.g., that an application like WordPress is running)
  • A point to connect the infrastructure, such as Deployments, to as a root object. This is useful for tying things together and even cleanup (i.e., garbage collection)
  • Information for supporting applications to help them query and understand the objects supporting an application
  • Application level health checks

This can be used by:

  • Application operators who want to center what they operate on applications
  • Tools, such as Helm, that center their package releases on application installations can do so in a way that's interoperable with other tools (e.g., Dashboard)
  • Dashboards that want to visualize the applications in addition to or instead of an infrastructure view


  1. Provide a standard API for creating, viewing, and managing applications in Kubernetes.
  2. Provide a CLI implementation, via kubectl, that interacts with the Application API.
  3. Provide installation status and garbage collection for applications.
  4. Provide a standard way for applications to surface a basic health check to the UIs.
  5. Provide an explicit mechanism for applications to declare dependencies on another application.
  6. Promote interoperability among ecosystem tools and UIs by creating a standard that tools MAY implement.
  7. Promote the use of common labels and annotations for Kubernetes Applications.


  1. Create a standard that all tools MUST implement.
  2. Provide a way for UIs to surface metrics from an application.

Application API

Refer API doc. For an example look at wordpress application


Refer Quickstart Guide


Refer Development Guide


Go to the documentation

Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Learn how to engage with the Kubernetes community on the community page.

You can reach the maintainers of this project at:

Code of conduct

Participation in the Kubernetes community is governed by the Kubernetes Code of Conduct.


Refer Releasing Guide

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