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Kubernetes 1.24 Release Team

Role Name (GitHub / Slack ID) Shadow Name(s) (GitHub / Slack ID)
Lead James Laverack (@JamesLaverack / Slack: @james.laverack) Jesse Butler (@jlbutler / Slack: @Jesse Butler), Xander Grzywinski (@salaxander / Slack: @Xander), Cici Huang (@cici37 / Slack: @cici37), Max Körbächer (@mkorbi / Slack: @mkorbi)
Enhancements Grace Nguyen (@gracenng / Slack: @Grace Nguyen) Ryler Hockenbury (@rhockenbury / Slack: @rhockenbury), Hossein Salahi (@encodeflush / Slack: @hsalahi), Jiahui Feng (@jiahuif / Slack: @jiahuif), Priyanka Saggu (@Priyankasaggu11929 / Slack: @psaggu)
CI Signal Leonard Vincent Simon Pahlke (@leonardpahlke / Slack: @leonardpahlke) Christoph Voigt (@voigt / Slack: @Christoph Voigt), Laura Lorenz (@lauralorenz / Slack: @Laura Lorenz), Shuhei Kitagawa (@shuheiktgw / Slack: @Shuhei Kitagawa), Nivedita Prasad (@nivedita-coder / Slack: @Nivedita Prasad )
Bug Triage Jyoti Mahapatra (@jyotimahapatra / Slack: @Jyoti Mahapatra) Dipto Chakrabarty (@DiptoChakrabarty / Slack: @Dipto), Heba Elayoty (@helayoty / Slack: @helayoty), Igor Andriushchenko (@doshyt / Slack: @Igor Andriushchenko), Ritu Panjwani (@ritpanjw / Slack: @ritpanjw)
Docs Nate Waddington (@nate-double-u / Slack: @nate-double-u) Chris Negus (@chrisnegus / Slack: @Chris Negus), Edidiong Asikpo (@didicodes / Slack: @Didicodes), Meha Bhalodiya (@mehabhalodiya / Slack: @Meha Bhalodiya), Victor Palade (@pi-victor / Slack: @pi-victor )
Release Notes Lucas Dwyer (@AuraSinis / Slack: @Lucas Dwyer) Parul Sahoo (@parul5sahoo / Slack: @parul_sahoo), Arsh Sharma (@RinkiyaKeDad / Slack: @arsh), François Le Pape (@Lp-Francois / Slack: @François LP), Carlos Santana (@csantanapr / Slack: @csantanapr)
Communications Mickey Boxell (@mickeyboxell / Slack: @mickey) Kat Cosgrove (@katcosgrove / Slack: @katcosgrove), Saul O'Driscoll (@s04 / Slack: @saulodriscoll), Debabrata Panigrahi (@Debanitrkl / Slack: @deba), Parthvi Vala (@valaparthvi / Slack: @valaparthvi)
Emeritus Adviser Joseph Sandoval (@jrsapi / Slack: @Joseph)
Branch Manager Nabarun Pal (@palnabarun / Slack: @palnabarun) Jim Angel (@jimangel / Slack: @jimangel)

Review the Release Managers page for up-to-date contact information on Release Engineering personnel.

The schedule for all patch releases can be found at Patch Releases page. It will be updated to include 1.24, once the 1.24 release cycle concludes.