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open-source accelerator-incubator focused on k8s

Hi there 👋

Kubeshop is an accelerator focused on building open source tools for testers, developers, and SREs in the Cloud Native and Kubernetes ecosystem. We’re glad you’re here!


Here are the projects that we’re currently working on:

Monokle - Monokle is a set of tools for creating and maintaining high-quality Kubernetes configurations throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Testkube - Testkube natively integrates test orchestration and execution into Kubernetes and your CI/CD/GitOps pipeline.

Botkube - Botkube gives DevOps, SREs, and developers fast, simple, and secure access to their clusters right from your chat and collaboration platform

Kubefirst - Kubefirst provides fully-automated open source application delivery and infrastructure management GitOps platforms providing the best cloud native tools with a single command.

Tracetest - Tracetest generate end-to-end tests automatically from OpenTelemetry traces

Kusk - Kusk builds modern REST APIs based on Envoy Proxy running on Kubernetes clusters.

✏️ Contribution guidelines

All of the projects have Contribution Guidelines documented on the README file. If you want to get started with contributing, check out the issues marked Good First Issues.

We welcome feedback and ideas - good or bad! Please create a Discussion on Github in the respective project or reach out to us on Discord.

🍿 Fun Fact

The Kubeshop team is distributed globally across 23 countries. We collectively speak 16 different human languages (and many more computer languages!). 🤖


  1. testkube Public

    ☸️ Kubernetes-native testing framework for test execution and orchestration

    Go 816 88

  2. botkube Public

    An app that helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug critical deployments & gives recommendations for standard practices

    Go 1.8k 271

  3. monokle Public

    🧐 Monokle Desktop empowers you to better create, understand, and deploy YAML manifests with a visual UI that also provides policy validation and cluster insights.

    TypeScript 1.2k 102

  4. tracetest Public

    Tracetest - Generate end-to-end tests automatically from your traces. For QA, Dev, & Ops.

    Go 555 38

  5. Kusk-gateway is an OpenAPI-driven API Gateway for Kubernetes

    Go 210 18

  6. monokle-cli Public

    CLI for Monokle core validation library

    TypeScript 7


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