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🧐 Monokle streamlines the process of creating, analyzing, and deploying Kubernetes configurations by providing a unified visual tool for authoring YAML manifests, validating policies, and managing live clusters.

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Click on the image or this link to watch the "Intro to Monokle" short video (4 mins)

Core Features

  • 👩‍💻 Single IDE for your configuration files, manifests, resources and cluster management
  • 🌤️ Connect to your clusters and see real time state and resources
  • ⚡ Quickly get a high-level view of your manifests, their contained resources and relationships
  • 📇 Leverage Git to manage the lifecycle of your configuration
  • 👌 Validate your manifests in real time against YAML formatting, K8s schemas including CRD installed, and easily follow links
  • ✅ Validate resources using OPA policy rules or define your own
  • 🖊️ Easily edit and create resources without having to learn or look up yaml syntax and see the changes applied
  • 🔨 Refactor resources with maintained integrity of names and references
  • 📷 Preview and debug resources generated with kustomize or helm
  • ➕ Visualize extended resources defined in CRD
  • 🤝 Compare resource versions against your cluster and apply changes immediately or through pull requests
  • 📚 Create multi-step forms using Monokle's templating system to quickly generate manifests
  • 💡 And much more, check out the Documentation

Read the Feature Overview document or the introductory blog-post to get a quick intro and overview.

Download & Install

Windows MacOS Linux
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Our roadmap is always being updated and improved:

  • A new streamlined interface that works better for git flows and complex configuration scenarios, where cognitive load is high
  • Additional work on the git and gitops flows, including conflict management and pull request creation
  • Better CRD management
  • A CLI
  • Advanced features for cluster management
  • Drift analysis
  • Integration to other open source projects about configuration for K8s
  • Improved templates for K8s resources, CRD, and Helm and Kustomize

Don't hesitate to provide any feedback you might have to help us prioritize and improve our backlog!

Getting involved