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What is ruby-oci8

Ruby-oci8 is a ruby interface for Oracle Database. The latest version is available for all Oracle versions after Oracle 10g including Oracle Instant Client.

Use ruby-oci8 2.0.6 for Oracle 8 or use ruby-oci8 2.1.8 for Oracle 9i.

Note that ruby 1.8 support was dropped in ruby-oci8 2.2.0. Use ruby-oci8 2.1.8 for ruby 1.8.

What's new

See {file:NEWS}.

Sample one-liner

When you have an Oracle database server to which sqlplus scott/tiger can connect and scott user has emp table, you can select emp and print rows as CSV by the followig one liner.

ruby -r oci8 -e "'scott', 'tiger').exec('select * from emp') do |r| puts r.join(','); end"



  • {file:docs/ Install for Oracle Full Client}
  • {file:docs/ Install for Oracle Instant Client}
  • {file:docs/ Install Binary Package}
  • {file:docs/ Install on OS X}

Report issues

Other documents

  • {file:docs/ Number Type Mapping between Oracle and Ruby}
  • {file:docs/ Timeout Parameters}
  • {file:docs/ Conflicts between Local Connections and Child Process Handling on Unix}
  • {file:docs/ Hanging After a Long Period of Inactivity}
  • {file:docs/ Bind an Array to IN-condition}
  • {file:docs/ LDAP Authentication and Function Interposition}


  • {file:COPYING 2-clause BSD-style license} from ruby-oci8 2.1.3
  • {file:COPYING_old old Ruby license} until 2.1.2