Google Chrome's Developer Tools are great - but they were missing something. Install this extension (or find it on the Chrome Extensions Store) to see FirePHP messages in your console!
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FirePHP4Chrome - FirePHP Extension for Google Chrome

The Developer Tools for Google Chrome are pretty great - but something was missing: FirePHP. Now, instead of shifting back and forth between Firefox and Chrome for FirePHP messages, you can stay in one place.

I was inspired by a lot of previous extensions that all were out of date. This even includes Google's own sample extension! This extension is all fresh code using the most recent Google APIs - and doesn't require experimental mode to be activated!

One last thing: you should know that the formatting options for Google Chrome Developer Tool's Console are very few. I've done my best to format information nicely, but it's not perfect. Please don't expect an exact copy of FirePHP from Firefox. (For example, Chrome doesn't support console.table() output, so I have to make my own).


0.2 Added support for dump, trace, exception, groups Some code refactoring - smaller footprint when code is inserted directly to the page