Qt/GStreamer/UDP based remote controllable vehicle
C++ C QMake Makefile



This project implements a GUI that can control a remote device over
single UDP stream. A netrelay is provided than can be used in a known
address to get through to NAT'ed addresses.


Must have:
* A working slave hardware.

Nice to have:

* Clear up the different message types and implement a way to register
  different types on the controller/slave level.
* Clear up the retransmission timers etc. It's a mess now.
* Implement a GUI for setting servo limits.

* Stat (wlan signal, uptime, etc.) sending to controller.
* Implement "connection lost". I.e. turn off video etc. bandwidth
  consuming and wait for new connection.
* Send camera controls (x/y servo states) to slave using the sendValue().