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Releases: kunruch/mm.css

v0.3.0 - Responsive Menu and sliding Side Drawer

04 Nov 08:28
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Responsive Menu added along with support for sliding side drawer on mobile devices.

v0.2.0 Additional styles and components

03 Sep 18:08
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Layout styles added.

  • Header
  • Sub-header
  • Footer
  • Containers & Sections
  • Menu
  • Article
  • Accessiblity classes

Basic components added

  • Support for SVG icons and pure CSS icon for search
  • Search form
  • Media Objects

Grid added using susy grid system.

Initial Release

25 Jul 18:43
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Initial Release Pre-release

This is an initial release containing styles for basic markups and few additional utility classes.

Base styles added for:

  • Text
  • Markups
  • Lists
  • Forms
  • Buttons

Utility classes for layout

  • Containers
  • Sections
  • Floats & Clearfloars

Credit: Most of the styles are borrowed and modified from milligram CSS framework.