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LuCI support for V2Ray
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Luci support for V2Ray

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  1. Download ipk files from release page

  2. Upload files to your router

  3. Install package with opkg:

opkg install luci-app-v2ray_*.ipk


  • jshn
  • luci-lib-jsonc
  • ip
  • iptables
  • iptables-mod-tproxy

For translations, please install luci-i18n-v2ray-*.


  1. Download V2Ray file from V2Ray release link or V2Ray ipk release link.

  2. Upload V2Ray file to your router, or install the ipk file.

  3. Config V2Ray file path in LuCI page.

  4. Add your inbound and outbound rules.

  5. Enable the service via LuCI.

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