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A Python-based BCD Library and Editor
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== pybcd ==

Alright, so it's not quite finished yet, but this here is PyBCD, a BCD library
and bcdedit replacement. It's pretty good so far.

You need the hivex python library to use this. It's all Python3.

Things not implemented (yet):
 - Dynamic Disks (honestly, who uses these? still, I'll get it in eventually)
 - Write support (yeah, that one's in the books)
Since the BCD format is pretty much undocumented (even by Microsoft), I've
reverse engineered the majority of it. Fortunately, the BCD is actually a
registry hive and somebody's already written a library for that - hivex.
What was needed was the numeric formats matching with their friendly names,
some fancy Python magic, and the worst of all - reverse engineering the
binary format that's used to designate devices. analyze/ contains some of my
notes and programmatic generators for all of that.

test/ contains some sample BCDs I used for testing. These were generated with

To run a bcdedit clone, just run python3 bcdedit (depending on your python 

Unless otherwise stated, everything here's under the MIT license.

 - Kevin Haroldsen

P.S. If you're from MIT, hi!
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