A tiny bespoke HTTP/1.1 server for adblock and accelerating web browsing.
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pixelserv-tls is a tiny bespoke HTTP/1.1 webserver with HTTPS and SNI support. It acts on behalf of hundreds of thousands of advert/tracker servers and responds to all requests with nothing to speed up web browsing.

pixelserv-tls supports TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.2 and thus could operate with a wide range of browsers and client devices. Server certificates for any given advert/tracker domains are generated automatically on first use and saved to disk.

pixelserv-tls can log access and HTTP/1.1 POST contents to syslog. So it is also a useful tool to inspect and expose 'wrongly blocked' domains as well as 'rogue' domains invading user privacy.

Build from source

This works on all Linux distributions and Linux-like environments such Homebrew for macOS and Cygwin for Windows.

autoreconf -i
make install

Install on Entware

Binary packages are distributed by Entware. Beta version binaries during development are distributed from this GitHub repository.

Pre-built binaries

opkg install pixelserv-tls

Beta version binaries

sh -c "$(wget -qO - https://kazoo.ga/pixelserv-tls/install-beta.sh)"

Install on Arch Linux

A package is available from Arch User Repository (AUR). This package works on all Arch Linux derived distributions such as Manjaro, Antergos and Chakra.

Pre-built binaries using yaourt

yaourt -S pixelserv-tls

Build from source package

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/pixelserv-tls.git
cd pixelserv-tls
makepkg -si

Install on EdgeRouter X

Pre-built binary is available as a Debian package. Source package will be available soon. See this detailed installation guide. Or simply:

Pre-built binary

sudo -i
cd /tmp
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kvic-z/goodies-edgemax/master/pixelserv-tls_2.0.1-1_mipsel.deb
dpkg -i pixelserv-tls_2.0.1-1_mipsel.deb

Install on Homebrew (macOS) and Linuxbrew

brew install https://kazoo.ga/pixelserv-tls/pixelserv-tls.rb

Launch pixelserv-tls

pixelserv-tls <listening ip>

Check out the man page for customization and command line options.


Announcements are made through kazoo.ga/pixelserv-tls. A discussion thread is also available on SNBforums.