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TOTP authenticator for Java ME enabled devices. It's an implementation of the RFC 6238 - TOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm.
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TOTP for Java ME

Java ME TOTP (RFC 6238) authenticator. It can be used as a token generator for

  • Google's two phase authentication
  • LinOTP authentication
  • other authentication servers which support TOTP

Project web



You can simply build the software yourself.

How to get the sources

You should have git installed

$ git clone git://

or you can download current sources as a zip file

How to build it

You need to have Maven installed

$ cd totp-me
$ mvn clean package

This default build uses Microemulator API implementation to simplify the build process, but it's only MIDP-2.0 implementation. To be sure the source code is MIDP-1.0 compatible, you should install Oracle WTK and provide path to it to Maven as wtk.home system property

$ mvn clean package -Dwtk.home=/opt/WTK2.5.2

How to run it in the Microemulator

Just use exec:java goal after you've successfully built the project

$ mvn exec:java


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