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@@ -420,10 +420,22 @@ For cross-domain requests, **ajax** uses JSONP by default but this can be overri
$('form').ajax('ajax.html'); // XHR all form data using "GET" to "ajax.html"
$({text:'Foo Bar'}).ajax('ajax.html'); // XHR the JSON using "GET" to "ajax.html"
$('form').ajax('ajax.html',"POST",function(data,status){ },true); // XHR all form data using "POST" to "ajax.html", returns responseText and status, adds a cache busting time stamp
+<!DOCTYPE html>
+<script src="chibi-min.js"></script>
$({sort:'created',direction:'asc'}).ajax('','GET',function(data,status){ }); // JSONP
##### FIN

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