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See "Organising dotfiles in a git repository" for more info.


Cloning the dotfiles:

$ alias h="env GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME GIT_DIR=$HOME/.files.git"
$ h git init
$ h git remote add origin
$ h git fetch
$ h git checkout master

Installing tools:

$ make



  • Desktop Environment: aqua
  • Window Manager: chunkwm
  • Hotkey Daemon: skhd
  • Editor: vim
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Shell: fish


Keyboard Shortcuts

General rule is ctrl is for control characters, cmd is for the desktop environment which includes application specific shortcuts, and text field navigation.

hyper and meh are for the window manager, hyper is used for window specific actions and meh is for workspace or monitor level actions.

Shortcut Action
hyper - return New Terminal

Focussed Window

Actions that affect the focussed window.

Shortcut Action
hyper - f Toggle fullscreen
hyper - d Toggle Float
hyper - r Enter resize mode

Change Focus

Shortcut Action
hyper - up Focus up window
hyper - right Focus right window
hyper - down Focus down window
hyper - left Focus left window
hyper - 1 Focus Desktop 1
hyper - 2 Focus Desktop 2
hyper - 3 Focus Desktop 3
hyper - 4 Focus Desktop 4
hyper - 5 Focus Desktop 5
hyper - 6 Focus Monitor 1
hyper - 7 Focus Monitor 2
hyper - 8 Focus Monitor 3
Resize Mode
Shortcut Action
shift - up
shift - right
shift - down
shift - left
esc Exit Mode
return Exit Mode

Current Desktop

Shortcut Action
meh - r Rotate 90
meh - x Flip X-axis
meh - y Flip Y-axis
meh - e Equalise Window Sizes
meh - g Toggle Gaps
meh - b BSP Mode
meh - m Monocle Mode
meh - d Floating Mode
meh - s Toggle split
meh - f Toggle native fullscreen
meh - o Enter Gaps Mode

Move Focussed Window

Shortcut Action
meh - up Swap up window
meh - right Swap right window
meh - down Swap down window
meh - left Swap left window
meh - 1 Move to Desktop 1
meh - 2 Move to Desktop 2
meh - 3 Move to Desktop 3
meh - 4 Move to Desktop 4
meh - 5 Move to Desktop 5
meh - 6 Move to Monitor 1
meh - 7 Move to Monitor 2
meh - 8 Move to Monitor 3

Gaps Mode

Shortcut Action
down Decrease Gaps
up Increase Gaps
left Decrease Padding
right Increase Padding
esc Exit Mode
return Exit Mode