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Slides and other materials from presentations at the LA East R User Meetup

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LA R Users Presentations - Virtual

Slides and other materials from presentations at the LA R User Virtual Meetup


Dates Speakers Topics Video Code
05/18/2021 Max Kuhn Creating model en mass with workflowsets Video
04/27/2021 Emily Riederer Column Names as Contracts Video
03/24/2021 James Lamb R from the Command Line Video Code
Neal Fultz R in the Terminal - Survival Strategies Video
02/23/2021 Hossein Falaki Unified Data Applications with Shiny on Delta Lakes Video


Dates Speakers Topics Video Code
12/08/2020 Alison Hill The Download (Recent Updates in the R Markdown Family) Video
10/27/2020 Will Landau Reproducible computation at scale in R with targets Video
09/22/2020 Edward Visel Bigger but local: Tools for uncomfortably big data Video Code Sample
08/18/2020 Adam Austin Dissecting a Function: Profiling and Benchmarking Your Way to Faster Code Video
Karolis Koncevičius Non-exhaustive list of lesser used base R features Video
06/30/2020 Julia Silge Three Reasons to Use tidymodels Video
05/27/2020 Rich Iannone Making Tables with the gt Package Video
Avik Das Dynamic programming for machine learning: Hidden Markov Models Video
04/23/2020 Donna Wrublewski Creating an R workshop experience during the ACS National Meeting Video
Keren Xu Draw fractals from root finding iteration in R Video
Luke Morris Bracketball: Let's Explore March Madness with ncaahoopR Video
03/19/2020 Jesse Sadler vctrs: Creating custom vector classes with the vctrs package Video
Emad Hasan Starter Guide to R Plumber + Slack Video

laeRusers  LA East R Users Presentations 

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Slides and other materials from presentations at the LA East R User Meetup


Dates Speakers Topics
12/09/2019 Nellie Ponarul "Web Applications: From HTML/JavaScript/CSS to Shiny"
Amy Tzu-Yu Chen "Data Science Reporting: Tips and Tricks for useRs"
10/14/2019 Charlotte Deng "A gentle Introduction Using R for Deep Learning"
Jo Hardin "reticulate: running Python within RStudio"
09/09/2019 Jesse Sadler "Creating custom vector classes with the vctrs package"
Sylvia Tran "Python for R Users"
08/12/2019 Donna Wrublewski "Teaching ggplot2 with the Periodic Table"
Malcolm Barrett "The YAML problem: Writing and working with YAML with ymlthis"
08/12/2019 Seo Young Silvia Kim "Bayesian Analysis with rstan, rstanarm, and brms"
Jared Kai Swan "Super speedy data manipulation with data.table: An overview"
06/10/2019 John Peach "It’s not that we don’t test our code, it’s that we don’t store our tests"
George G Vega Yon What drives social networks?: A gentle introduction to exponential random graph models (with a focus on small networks)
05/13/2019 Eric S. Kawaguchi "A Fast and Scalable Sparse Regression Method for Competing Risks Data"
Yujie Cui "Monitor Patient Enrollment with flexdashboard and shinydashboard Packages"
04/08/2019 Zev Youra "Data Visualization from Start to Finish"
Zhi Yang "Bayesian Modeling with R2jags"
03/18/2019 Daniel Chu "Functional programming with purrr"
Alan Dipert "JavaScript for the R Programmer"
02/11/2019 John Rosenfelder "Working with data in the music business"
Zhi Yang "What I learned at rstudio::conf"
01/14/2019 Anthony Doan "Time Series & ARIMA forecasting"
Yemi Odeyemi "Classification and Statistical Analysis of Cancer Mutations Scores"


Dates Speakers Topics
12/10/2018 Robert Mitchell "Interactive Dashboards with Shiny"
Emil Hvitfeldt "Text Analysis in R: Special Christmas Edition"
11/12/2018 Sep Dadsetan "Introduction to R Markdown"
George G Vega Yon "A brief introduction to using R for high-performance computing"
10/08/2018 Paul Marjoram "Introduction to the Biostatistics Division"
Malcolm Barrett "ggplotline: Telling a story with labels, colors, and layout"

LA West R Users Presentations

Slides and other materials from presentations at the LA West R User Meetup


Dates Speakers Topics Video
10/24/2019 Jeanette Lin & Keith Atienza, The Stack To Stick or To Switch: Student Major Changes at UCLA
Nikhil Sharma & Raghava Govil, Datares Analyzing Denzel Curry’s Lyrics Through Text Mining
09/26/2019 Malcolm Barrett Functional programming with purrr
07/31/2019 Amy Tzu-Yu Chen useR! 2019 Recap
Jeremy Guinta & Nellie Ponarul Better Name Matching via Machine Learning
06/27/2019 Corinne Powers Using GLRM on h2o to Predict Customer Lifetime Value
Michael Tzen Are there any Globe Trotter Body Swappers to Figure out Who's who in NBA Lineups?
05/28/2019 Szilard Pafka Better than Deep Learning: Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM) – 2019 edition Video


Slides and other materials from presentations at the LA East R User Meetup






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