Rails blog engine for Cybele initialized Rails applications.
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Before mounting Kebapress to your application, you will need:

  • Ruby ~> 2.0
  • Rails ~> 4.0
  • Cybele ~> 1.0.0

Installing Kebapress to Cybele Rails applications

Add the engine to your Gemfile:

gem 'kebapress'

Bundle install:

bundle install

Make the installation:

rails g kebapress:install

Run migrations:

rake db:migrate

Mount the engine under HQ namespace and add extra routes in config/routes.rb file:

namespace :hq do
  mount Kebapress::Engine => '/mount_point' # Example: '/blog'

get '/blog/:id', to: 'kebapress/posts#show', as: 'pages'
get '/blog', to: 'kebapress/posts#index'

Add blog icon-link to Cybele Rails application's app/views/layouts/hq/partials/_dock.haml file. For an example, checkout example.haml file.

NOTE: If Javascript files don't seem to be loading, please add this line to your host application's layouts/hq/partials/_footer.haml (This is a temporary situation)

= yield :foot

Bugs and Feedback

If you discover any bugs or want to drop a line, feel free to create an issue on Github



Once you've made your great commits:

  1. Fork it
  2. Create a topic branch - git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Push to your branch - git push origin my_branch
  4. Create a Pull Request from your branch
  5. That's it!




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