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Browser History Histogram
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Browser History Histogram for Autopsy

Ingest module for the Autopsy Forensic Analysis platform, developed in JAVA, within the scope of the Computer Science Degree of the 'Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria', Portugal

The main goal of this module is to extract all webactivity of a user to a local database and then generate a report to display this information. This module runs on windows and linux and extract information of Google Chrome and Firefox. You can run it as a Autopsy module or without any dependencies.

Getting Started


  • JDK 8 (mandatory)
  • Autopsy (Optional - to run it as a autopsy module)
  • Ant, ivy (Optional - if you want to contribute)


You have 2 options to use this module:

  • As a Autopsy module

    1. Download Labcif-bhh-autopsy.nbm
    2. Tools - Plugins - Downloaded - Add Plugins...
    3. Select Labcif-bhh-autopsy.nbm downloaded previously
    4. Click Install - Next - Check terms acceptance - Install - Continue - Finish
  • As a standalone application

    1. Download Browser-History-Histogram.jar


  • As a Autopsy module

    1. Running the ingest module will create a database browser-history.db in the same directory as the case opened
      1. Tools - Run Ingest Modules - "Select image" Ex: PC01.E01
      2. Select Labcif - Browser History Histogram
      3. Finish
    2. After running the ingest module, you will be able to run the report Module.
      1. Generate Report
      2. Select Labcif - Browser History Histogram
      3. Finish
  • As a standalone application

    1. Double click on Browser-History-Histogram.jar
    2. Choose a directory
    3. Extract (it will create browser-history.db)
    4. Generate report


  • Kevin Baptista
  • Tomás Honório
  • Work developed under the guidance and coordination of Professors Patrício Domingues and Miguel Frade
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