Create dat archives with a prefix of your choice.
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Create dat archives with a prefix of your choice.

vanity-dat demo

The bitcoin horde wastes as much energy as Iceland trying to find hashes starting with lots of 0s - why shouldn't we do the same thing to get cool dat addresses?

Dat addresses are hex representations of Ed25519 public keys. With a little bit of imagination, you can represent lots of words in "hexspeak".

This program generates lots of Ed25519 keypairs, and checks that they have the given word as a prefix. The top 3 longest prefixes are shown while the program is still searching.

You can choose to write the keypair to a file, or you can create a dat archive that has the generated key as its address.


npm install -g vanity-dat


vanity-dat [word]


  • --create-dat [location] Create a dat archive with the generated key in the given location.
  • --write-file [filename] Writes the resulting keys into filename.key and filename.secret_key.


Prefixes of length 4 or less are discovered more or less instantly, but the time it takes to find longer prefixes obviously scales very quickly (by a factor of 16).

My laptop can generate roughly 20000 keypairs at a time - given that, worst case times are:

prefix time (s)
3 0.2
4 3.3
5 52.4
6 838.9 (~14 mins)
7 13421.8 (~3.7 hours)
8 214748.4 (~59.6 hours)
9 3435973.8 (~39.7 days)

ie. it probably doesn't make sense to try to generate a prefix longer than 8 characters, unless you have a lot of time on your hands :~)

Currently, this only uses one CPU core. You thus will want to run several instances at once to use all capacity - one for every core.


PRs accepted.

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © 2017 harry lachenmayer