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Dynamo 2.0 has two different naming for libraries folder (2) versus packages folder (2.0). This commit should fix this issue. Resolved ladybug-tools/ladybug#64
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Ladybug-dynamo is the ladybug plugin for Dynamo to import and visualize weather data from and EnergyPlus Weather file (EPW).

sunlighthours analysis

Ladybug-dynamo is developed in IronPython and uses Revit API and Dynamo libraries to take inputs from Revit model or create geometrical outputs. For core functionalities it uses ladybug core libraries which is developed in Python 2.7.


You must install Dynamo with Revit or Dynamo Studio to use this plugin. The Revit specific nodes won't work in Dynamo Studio. For the plugin itself you can always download the latest stable version from Dynamo's package manger. Once you install it from Dynamo package manager it sould be ready to use.

Example files and tutorials

There are several example files on Hydra to get yourself started with ladybug for Dynamo. There is a YouTube video associated with some of the examples which can also be found at this link.


API Documentation

Latest API documentation is available at this page. Let us know if you find any mistakes in the documentation.

Road Map

  • First release for proof of concept.
  • Second release with enhanced performance.
  • Improve Revit integration (e.g. load data based on Revit location, etc.).
  • Add visualization components. This is dependant on Dynamo's features for visualization


ladybug. ladybug-core is licensed under GPLV3.